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Borrow It! Brew on It! and Bring It Back!

The Deacon Brewing System

The Deacon Brewing System is a three keggle, three burner, two pumps, Heat Exchanger Recirc Mash System (HERMS) that was donated to the club by Robert Deacon.

The Deacon Brewing System is designed for continuous recirculation of the mash water and utilizes a Blichmann AutoSparge lauter tun level control. Continuous recirculating of the mash water through the mash lets you control the temperature of the mash, reduces hot spots in the grain bed and aids in wort clarity.

The mash water is recirculated from the bottom connection on the Mash Lauter Tun (MLT) by the Mash pump to the bottom HERMS connection on the HLT. The mash water then flows through the HERMS coil located inside the HLT, picking up heat from the surrounding water, then out through the upper HERMS connection and back into the MLT via the AutoSparge.

The Deacon Brewing System is available to Members In Good Standing to borrow. Contact Fred Baker is you would like to borrow the brewing system.

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