2017 Brewer of the Year Standings

March 18, 2017

The club’s Brewer of the Year Award is a way of recognizing and awarding a club member for their participation in club events and their brewing skills. To be the Brewer of the Year you need to be involved in brew and club related activities and have the most points at the end of the year. Any brew related activity not specifically listed below will be considered by the club’s officers and a determination made on its value.


2 points: Attend Monthly Meetings


1 point: Bring Brew to Monthly Meeting


2 points: Give Presentation at Meeting


2 points: Organize a Club Event


3 points: Host a Club Meeting


4 points: Represent Seven City Brewers at AHA Rally or Conference


4 points: Brew at Public Events like Big Brew Day and Teach A Friend

To Brew and Promote the Club


2 points: Entering a Homebrew Competition  


6 points *: 1st Place in Homebrew Completion


5 points *: 2nd Place in Homebrew Competition


4 points *: 3rd Place in Homebrew Competition


3 points: Participate in Club Barrel Fill   


2 points: Be a Judge or Steward in Homebrew Competition  2 points


2 points: Participate in Teach a Member To Brew Event 



* Co-Brewers will divide the points evenly towards the Brewer of the Year Award.




As most of you know Dan Tully was the club’s 2016 Brewer of the Year and he took OUR BEER money. We are currently planning on having a $200.00 cash award for the 2017 Brewer of the Year.  If you want to win the Brewer of the Year Award you need to accumulate the most points.

I am keeping the records and it is your responsibility to notify me when you have earned points toward the Brewer of the Year. I will be updating your points as they become available. I have meeting attendance sheets, local competition results and direct reports from you to keep a running score. Just so there is no misunderstanding I plan to WIN. When I win, any cash award that I get will go into the Christmas Party 50/50 raffle and the winner of the raffle gets MY BEER money.  All I need to win is to get a head start on Dan and one or two of you all to win the first place in competitions to take Dan’s Brewer of the Year Award cup away from him, knowing that I beat Dan is enough for me.


As of 3/18/17 the 6 club members with the highest points are:


Dan Tully                     30 points

Fred Baker                    28 points

Ed McDermott             27 points

Larry Lentz                   27 points

Tim Rouse                    25 points

Bob Roberts                 25 points


You can keep me informed by commenting to this blog.



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