Seven City Brewers October 2017 News & Events Letter

October 22, 2017


Our next Club Meeting is Thursday November 9th, from 7 PM to 9 PM our host are Larry & Tiffany Lentz at the famous Back Dog Saloon. The Lentz’s live at 3911 Columbus Ave. Norfolk, VA. 23504. Bring lawn chairs if you are planning on sitting down. The meeting will be outside so dress warmly. Members are requested to bring Hors d’Oeuvers and homebrew to share. I am bringing an Hors d’Oeuver out of Vivian Howard’s Deep Run Roots Cookbook.


Improve Your Brewing Skills With an Experienced Brewer: We are fortunate to have some very skilled homebrewers who have agreed to help our club members improve their homebrewing skills. If you are new to homebrewing or even if you just want to watch and pickup some good ideals, brew with an experienced club homebrewer email me at


Beer Hunter: If you haven’t already you all need to thank Dan Tully for going out and finding us a unique beer to try. At the October meeting we sampled Consecration a 10.00% ABV Belgian-style Dark Ale aged in American oak Cabernet Sauvignon barrels from local wineries from Russian River Brewing in Santa Rosa, California.  We may never be able to taste this beer again due to the lost of local wineries in the Santa Rosa area.


2017 Seven City Brewers Challenge: The 2017 Seven city Brewers Challenge fell by the wayside. We did not have enough brewers to make it interesting. It’s all good; we still drank my Märzen at the Family Day Picnic. There were 4 or 5 Märzen brews at the HRBC Competition #5 on September 26th but none of use won the competition.


Club’s Barrel Program: We pushed the Golden Sour out of the barrel Sunday October 22nd and refilled it with a Dark Ale. Now we wait for the Lactobacillus and Pediococus souring yeast to do their thing for the next 10 to 12 months. We had 11 brewers that brewed the Dark Ale. Plans are underway to brew a Belgian Quad for the next barrel fill. We current have 10 brewers signed up and still need one more homebrewer. Let me know if you are interested in being a part of the Belgian Quad barrel fill.


Bob Roberts is currently the keeper of the club’s barrels, he has asked the club to see if we could locate a new home for the barrels. We are looking for a place to keep two barrels in a temperature controlled environment to support the barrel program. If anyone can help please let us know.


Bob has been our club’s go to guy for the barrel program.  Next time you all see Bob give him a big THANKS and Joey, a kiss on the check will be fine from you. I know how Bob likes that!


I am hoping that the club will be able to purchase two additional barrels next year and retire the ones we have now.


Brewer of the Year Standings: Larry Lentz is so far ahead of the rest of us that we will not be able to catch him by the December meeting when the Seven City Brewer of the Year is award is presented. I slowed down after I shot past Dan Tully and didn’t even see Larry until after he ran up my back, danced on my head and then ran down my chest. Last I seen of Larry was as he was running down the street with his Bearded Bird check! Larry is going to take OUR Beer Money.


The top four Seven City Brewers as of October 22nd  are Larry Lentz with 102 points,  Fred Baker with 73 points, Dan Tully with 58 points, and Ed McDermott with 51 points. If anyone has entered a competition that I do not know about, please let me know so that I can update the Brewer of the Year Records.  This year’s award is worth $200.00 and bragging rights for a year.


Election of Elected Officers for 2018: If you are interested in being an elected officer or if you want to nominate someone let me know. We will be electing our 2018 Officers during our November meeting. Newly elected Officers will take office in January.


We currently have the following nominees for 2018; Larry Lentz for President with Bill Taylor as Vice President, Karen Martin as Secretary and Fred Baker as Treasurer.


Up Coming Events:


Learn to Homebrew Day (LTHD) is Saturday November 4th. We have been invited to participate in the LTHD at Brew & Bottle LLC in Newport News in a parking lot event. Brew & Bottle is a homebrewing supply store located at 304 Oyster Point Rd, Newport News, VA. 23602.


The goal of LTHD is to teach our non-brewer friends the art of making beer. It gives our club the opportunity to brew together and show off our skills. So bring your brewing rigs and brew with me on November the 4th.  The event is planned to start at 10:00 AM and goes to 6:00 PM. We are welcome to start early but if you do bring your own brewing water. I plan to be there at 9:00 AM.


Water and 110VAC electricity will be made available shortly after 10:00 AM when they open.


If you plan to brew off of your truck you will need to park facing Warwick Blvd.


Brian Binder owner of Brew & Bottle is planning on providing FREE BEER (age 21+) from local craft breweries including Oozlefinch Craft Brewery, Virginia Beer Co. and Traditions Brewing Co.


If you have a canopy, bring it. Brian only has one 10x10 canopy.


CASK homebrewing Club and the Virginia Peninsula Homebrewers Club have also been invited to participate in LTHD.  Come out and meet these homebrewers and take away any good ideals you see.


Hope to see everyone at LTHD “IT’s Beer Brew Day”.


Homebrew Tournament 2017 is being held November 12th from 8:30 AM to 4 PM. The competition is being held at O’Connor’s Brewing Company. Each competitor will enter 3 beers of 3 different styles. Get your three styles ready. Go to for rules and registration.


Hampton Roads Brewers Cup Competition #6 is being held on November 18th from 6 PM to 9 PM. The competition is at the Training Room of Support Services of Virginia, 412 Investors Place #102, Virginia Beach, VA 23452. Styles: 17B Old Ale, 17D English Barleywine, 22B American Strong Ale and 22C American Barleywine. Entry opens 11/6/17/ Go to for rules, online registration and drop off points.


R/ Fred Wayne Baker Vice President Seven City Brewers




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