2019 Seven City Brewer of the Year Update for October

October 16, 2019




                                                                                                                  Dated 10/16/19




Well it has been a foot race for the coveted Seven City Brewers Cup.


Brian McCrickard is still in the lead but could be BEAT down by Tim Rouse. This is going to be a nail biter and if Brian does not watch out Tim is going to roll right over him.


As for the rest of us, I have good news and bad news. The Good News is that on 6/19/19 we were tied for fourth place with 48 points. The Bad News is we have No Chance of Winning.


In August I did a bad thing and lost the Seven City Brewer of the Year Excel spread sheet that I was maintaining with all our point standings. So instead of recreating the spread sheet from the beginning of the year, I started with the known scores of our top five brewers as of 6/19/19 and went from there to recreate the data. So, everyone else started on 6/19/19 with 48 points.


So, saying that our top 5 brewers for the Seven City Brewer of the Year as of 10/16/19 are:




                                      1st place Brian McCrickard with 131 points


                                      2nd place Tim Rouse with 95.3 points


                                      3rd place Larry Lentz with 78 points


                                      4th place Ed McDermott with 62 points


                                       5th place Fred Baker with 60.5 points





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