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December 9th, 2021 Club Meeting &

Holiday Party Minutes

Our Host American Homebrew Supply

We thanked Rafael & Jennifer for hosting our meeting at American Homebrew Supply and for supporting our club. We have got a lot of things to go over, good food to eat, and tasty homebrew to sample.

Rafael thanked everyone for coming out to American Homebrew Supply for the holiday party and thanked the club for supporting the store.  AHS has just completed their third year of business and the Seven City Brewers are their largest customer.   Rafael wants to let everyone know he appreciates our support.


Brian thanked everyone for coming out for our December meeting and Christmas party.  We have no new members since our last meeting.


First Time Attendees: Peter Zollweg is a new member to the club and a first-time attendee.  Peter has moved to the Tidewater Area and was a member of CASK. Peter likes Belgians and looks forward to learning from us. David and Dora Tu brought their friends and we welcomed them.


Holiday Party Food Competition: American Homebrew Supply is providing gift cards as prizes.  The rules for the competition are:

Each family may enter up to 2 categories.


1.  Main Dishes:  $50 Gift Card to the best main dish: Main dish requirements: Must be a hot one-pot/pan dish.  Crock pot recommended. Enough portions to share with the club.  Homebrew/wine MUST be used as an ingredient.


2.  Side Dishes: Two $25 Gift Cards to the top 2 side dishes. Side dishes can be hot or cold. Homebrew/wine as an ingredient is not required but is encouraged.


3.  Dessert:  $35 Gift Card to the best dessert.  Hot or Cold.  Homebrew/wine MUST be used as an ingredient.


Use the Food Competition Sign in Sheets log in your entry and the Attendance Sheet to record your vote.  Votes will be totaled, and gift cards presented to the winners after everyone has got a chance to vote.

Tonight’s Raffle: We are going to have a 50/50 raffle using raffle tickets with a minimum $100.00 to the winner.  In addition, we have a Tilt Hydrometer worth $140 donated by American Homebrew Supply and a bottle of Bourbon County Brand Stout from Goose Island Beer Co. in Chicago, IN that is being donated by Todd Cannon. Dempsey will be coming around with the raffle tickets. One ticket is $1, Six tickets for $5, and an arm’s length of tickets for $10.

Club Logo Clothing Order: The club logo clothing order was picked up by Fred Baker from Sports Connection in Virginia Beach and is being distributed to our members who ordered the clothing items during the meeting.

Club’s Barrel Program:

We are currently bourbon barrel wood aging a Belgian Quad and an Oatmeal Stout in two of our barrels. Planning on transferring the February and March timeframes. 

Dempsey let everyone know we are planning to get fresh barrels for the next barrel fills.

Our sour barrel brewers have a Lambic style (wheat ale) with grains from Murphy & Rude Malting in Charlottesville, Va. maltster in Charlottesville.  The Grisette V 2.0 empty/VAambic fill date of December 18th, 2021.

Dempsey let everyone know that Imperial Yeast Co. has donated yeast for our last two-barrel fills saving our barrel brewers money.

Dempsey said we are looking for a new Barrel King for next year.  If you are interested in being the Barrel King let Brain and Dempsy know.

If you would like to be a part of our barrel brewer program, let Dempsey or Brian know and we will get you on the list of barrel brewers for upcoming barrel fills. We have a separate Facebook group for the barrel fill that talk about barrel fills and recipes.

Treasurer’s Report:  Dempsey presented the Treasurers Report.

Membership Dues: We want to remind everyone that your 2021 Club membership expires December 31st, please pay the 2022 club membership dues before March 1st to stay as a Member in Good Standing.

For members renewing their membership you do not need to fill out the new membership application. New members can fill out the application online and pay via PayPal.  Please use friends and family when using PayPal, we are all friends in our club. 


Anyone wishing to join the club or pay your membership dues tonight, stop by and see Dempsey.

Homebrew Competitions:

Local Competition: The Hampton Roads Brewers Cup Homebrew Competitions is being scheduled for 2022.  The competitions will be held at Brew & Bottle and American Homebrew Supply. 

Brian went over the beer styles and competition dates and Fred will post the rules and schedule on our website in the club news page when they are available.


Cellar Cleaner 2022-01

January 19, 2022 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm at

American Homebrew Supply, Norfolk


2022 Competition #1 – Need to clean out your cellars, refrigerators, and coolers to make room for new brews? That’s right, pick your favorite beer, cider, or mead you have, and put it up against some stiff competition. All categories will be accepted.

Seven City Brewer of the Year Award 

The award was established to recognize and award the Seven City Brewers who participated in club activities and events and exhibited outstanding homebrewing ability. The club leadership set a 2021 Brewer of the Year cash awards of $150.00 for 1st Place, a cash award of $100.00 for 2nd Place, and a $75.00 cash award for 3rd Place. 

Earning points toward the Seven City Brewer of the Year Award is easy. If you attend a meeting, you earned points, if you participated in the homebrew competitions you earned points, if you host a meeting or event, you earn points.


The 2021 Top Five Seven City Brewers are:

Three-way tie for 5th place with 41 points; LOSERS

Dan Tully, Fred Baker, and Tim Woodard

They get nothing, Better Luck next Year!


4th place is Paul Wilson with 42 points

Paul gets an elbow bump and a slap on the back, do Better next Year!


3rd place is Brain McCrickard with 58 points

Brain receives a $75.00 cash award and a Congratulations from all of us!


2nd place and Runner Up Award is Brandon & Carla Christian with 66 points

Brandon & Carla receives a $100.00 cash award and we Salute You!


1st place and the 2021 Seven City Brewer of the Year is

Dempsey Smith with 69 points.

Dempsey receives a $150.00 cash award and has earned the right to display the coveted

Seven City Brewers Cup in his brewery.

Open Discussion:

Ed McDermott recommended that we have an ugly T-shirt contest next year during the Christmas party. Next year’s officers will take it under consideration.

That concludes the formal part of our meeting please continue eating and sampling homebrew. Please vote on the dishes and desserts you like using the Attendance Sheet. We will announce the winners after everyone has got a chance to vote.  We will hold the club raffle drawings once everyone has a chance to purchase their raffle tickets.

After Conclusion of the formal Meeting:

Food Competition Winner:

1.  Main Dishes:  $50 Gift Card to the best main dish goes to Brian Madden.


2.  Side Dishes: One $25 Gift Cards goes to Brain Madden and the others $25 gift card goes to David & Dora Tu for their side dishes.


3.  Dessert:  We had no votes and no winner for dessert. We need to get our brewers making desserts.


Raffle Results:

The first drawing winner gets their choice of the $113 cash award or the Tilt Hydrometer. Peter Zollweg pulled the first ticket out of the can.  Congratulations to Larry Lentz for winning. Larry chose the $113 cash award. The second raffle ticket was pulled by Larry.  The second raffle winner was Peter Zollweg.  Peter won a yellow Tilt Hydrometer.  The third raffle winner won the Bourbon County Brand Stout from Goose Island Beer Co.