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11th Annual Virginia Beer Blitz Results

March 10th, 2018

11th Annual Virginia Beer Blitz


There were 365 total entries with 586 registered participants, judges & stewards.

Seven City Brewers who placed:

1st place Michael Nazzaro with his Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer

2nd place Ed McDermott with his International Amber Lager

2nd place Larry Lentz with his American IPA

3rd place Tim Rouse with his Irish Red Ale

3rd place Dan Tully with his Belgian Smash Experimental Beer

Congratulations Seven City Brewers!

7CB Judges & Stewards

Brian McCrickard, Joey Tomasello, Jack Wallace, and Tim Rouse

7CB Brewers Who Entered

Chris Ward, Dempsey Smith, Michael Nazzaro, Larry Lentz, Joey Tomasello, Tim Rouse, Noel Shriner, Jack Wallace, Fred Baker, Ed McDermott, and Dan Tully

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