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2020 Seven City Brewer of the Year Award Points

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

The Brewer of the Year Award was established to recognize and award the Seven City Brewer who participates in club activities and exhibits outstanding homebrewing ability.

For 2020 the Brewer of the Year Awards are:

1st Place Winner: The Seven City Brewer with the most points in addition to earning the right to display the coveted Seven City Brewers Cup in your own brewery with your name permanently sharped on it, you will receive a cash award of $150.00.

2nd Place Winner: The Seven City Brewer with the second highest points will receive a cash award of $100.00.

3rd Place Winner: The Seven City Brewer with the third highest points will receive a cash award of $75.00.

The point scoring is from December 1st, 2019 to December 1st, 2020. Point values have been assigned to club and homebrew related activities. Any activity not specifically listed will be considered by the club’s officers and a determination made on it value:

Attend Club Meeting/Event 2 points

Bring Brew to Club Meeting/Event 1 point

Give Presentation at Meeting/Event 2 points

Organize a Club Event 2 points

Host a Club Meeting/Event 3 points

Represent Seven City Brewers at AHA 4 points


Brew at Public Events to Promote the Club 4 points

like Big Brew Day and Teach A Friend

To Homebrew

Entering a Homebrew Competition 2 points

1st Place in Homebrew Completion 6 points *

2nd Place in Homebrew Competition 5 points *

3rd Place in Homebrew Competition 4 points *

4th Place making it to Best of Show in 1 point *

Homebrew Competition

* For Barrel Brewer beers that are entered

into a competition and place, the brewer

who enters the barrel brewer beer gets

the full points and the Co-barrel brewers

receive 1 point each.

Participate in Club Barrel Fill 3 points

Be a Judge or Steward in 2 points

Homebrew Competition

Participate in Learn to Brew 2 points

Events with an experienced brewer

Obtain Full Member BJCP 10 points


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