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2020 Seven City Brewer of the Year August 14th Update

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Last year the Seven City Brewer of the Year was Brian McCrickard.

This year we have been hamstrung by the pandemic and have had to cancel in person meeting and homebrew competitions. Our club had to get innovative in having virtual meetings and doing beer shares. Our homebrewers have stepped up and we are still brewing and meeting online.

Tim Rouse had a 16-point lead over the second-place brewer Brian McCrickard in March and was well on his way to run away with the Brewer of the Year Award.

Well that was then and this now. This is going to be a nail biter and if Tim does not watch out Brian is going to roll right over him.

As for the rest of us, except for Dempsey Smith, I have got bad news. The Bad News is we have No Chance of Winning.

So, saying that our top 5 brewers for the Seven City Brewer of the Year as of 8/14/20 are:

1st place Tim Rouse with 71 points

2nd place Brian McCrickard with 69 points

3rd place Dempsey Smith with 53 points

4th place Larry Lentz with 41 points

5th place Fred Baker with 41 points

Our top three brewers win a cash prize, but there is one and only one Seven City Brewer of the Year.

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